SOTA: Hoher Lindkogel (OE/NO-123)

The same day that I activated Hollenstein (OE/NO-149), I activated this peak, also within a short drive of Vienna (about 50km). The site indicated as “Hoher Lindkogel” on GoogleMap does not agree with the coordinates on the SOTA site. On GoogleMap, it would be better to aim for the Schultzhaus Eisernes Tor, a hill top tower nearer to the actual site and to park at the location designated “Parkplatz – Fussweb zum Eisernen Tor”, which is to the side of Rohrbach road, and just south of a large quarry.

Opposite the parking lot on the eastern side of Rohrbach road, a paved trail leads upwards and there are markings along the way pointing towards the Eisernes Tor. At one point, the road curves around towards the south and a trail leads north. I followed the road at that point until it crested, and then followed a dirt road further upwards and north, however, the path also leads towards the tower and might be a more direct route. Either way, it is hard to miss the tower and nearby commercial radio antenna installation.

Parking Lot.
Trail head and sign opposite parking lot.
Start of the trail upwards.


The roads upward lead to the Sina Warte and right next to that is an excellent restaurant.

Sina Warte

Had I know the restaurant was there, I might not have hauled as much water to the summit. I had a hot meal there, a lot of water, and a beer, and then got around to activating the summit, which is on a hill just slightly higher than the restaurant.

A watch tower along the path, just short of the restaurant. 

The hill is not very remarkable, but there are some benches up there, so I tossed the antenna into trees, sat on the bench and operated. Conditions were so-so that afternoon, and I ended up with nine contacts on 40m and two contacts on 20m.

Map of the area.


The view on the way back down.

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