SOTA: Hollenstein (OE/NO-149)

Sign with a scary looking squirrel: You are not alone in nature. For ecological reasons we ask you. not to drive this route. Illegal driving compels us to a suit of property felony (as rendered by Google Translate).
You are not alone!

I rented a car and visited two sites on my last trip to Austria on November 4th: Hollenstein and Hoher Lindkogel. The weather was still reasonably warm at the time, and neither site had snow. I started with the Hollenstein site, which appears on aerial photographs to be right next to a road and not far from a  hill-top restaurant. However, these are restricted forest roads, so while the road provides convenient access, prepare to park near the base and hike up. The day I went, the road was also in heavy use by other hikers, bicyclers and horse riders.

The restaurant is up this road.

The summit is off to the side of the road, and up a hill side. There are trees nearby as antenna supports. I did not visit the nearby restaurant because I had just had breakfast and it wasn’t quite lunchtime when I finished. 
Using my end-fed antenna, I had 22 QSOs, one on 40m, all the rest on 20m, and all of them in CW mode. Folks were particularly chatty that morning, and I had a QRP/QRP contacts with stations in Greece, Germany, and France.

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