SOTA: EA2/ZG-060 (Monte Oscuro)

The second summit on my whirlwind tour of the outskirts of Zaragoza was the weather radar site at Monte Oscuro. After leaving EA2/ZG-065, the roads quickly transitioned from paved to dirt, but the general condition of the road was pretty good. I would just recommend taking it easy to avoid some of the larger ruts. The final bit of road to the peak transitioned briefly to concrete, probably in an area that had eroded. The peak itself, though, is a dirt road loop with the upper part of the loop passing the radar.

I did not see any signs indicating that the area was off limits, but there is a chain across the top of the road, so I assume no unauthorized vehicles should go past that point.

I decided to park on the lower part of that loop road and to toss my antena into a tree. My operating position is not all that impressive: again just a bush to support the antena feedpoint and my equipment piled on my coat, which was where I sat.

I had 19 contacts on 20m, 5 on 40m, and again, I did not hear anything from the radar itself.

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