SOTA: 5B/CY-033 (Vouni)

This four-point peak is a short drive from Paphos. The name “Vouni” means “mountain”, but it is more of a gentle grass-covered hill in the middle of a wine-producing region. The paved road up into the mountains is fairly steep, I noticed on the way back down that it warned of a 14% grade. The roads through town itself are a bit narrow, but I threaded the Landcruiser through carefully. A narrow road runs past the summit to the north. Although the road is dirt, it is well packed and not rutted, so I think any car would be able to manage it. When I got to the point marked “P” on the map, I pulled the car southward onto the grass. I then followed the tree line up to the top of the hill.

Pull off at P, then walk up along the tree line. There is a hint of old track just to the west side of the trees separating the fields.
Despite the rain, the field was not too muddy, so no problems backing out.

This is a case of the aerial photo being really helpful. It’s clear that there is one big tree up at the summit and judging by its shadow, I decided not to lug the Buddipole, but to just take an end-fed antenna. As seen in the photo, that tree is effectively at the summit about halfway along the course of a stone wall.

A look up the hill towards the antenna tree.

It would have been ideal if there were another bush or something about an antenna-length away to hold up the feed end of the antenna, but I did well enough just putting the antenna under tension such that the feedpoint was about a meter above the ground.

Here’s the operating position in a moment of sunlight.

Looking back towards the tree from the operating position.

The weather forecast for this morning was 70% chance of precipitation. The way that tends to work out, it really means 100% chance of rain 70% of the time. It was drizzly when I pulled off the road, but cleared when I got to the top. I tossed the end-fed antenna into the tree and proceeded to work 20 meters: 26 contacts on CW including one summit-to-summit (thanks, HB9AFI/P on HB/VD-047). I tried 40m for just a bit with no answer and then felt the rain start again. By the time I had packed up all the equipment, it was pouring, but I didn’t care because I was wearing a warm raincoat.

A panorama of the hilltop. Sorry about the stitching artifacts.

I saw nobody up there at all, but did hear dogs and roosters off in the distance. Next stop: about a 25 minute drive to 5B/CY-035, Mazi.

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