SOTA 5B/CY-043: Kreatos

I tried something new this week: recording a video of the activation (see below). This peak is the closest one to the capital city; it was less than a half-hour away for me. The approach is along a winding dirt road that switches back and forth a few times on the way to the peak. I managed to drive up it, but there is a lot of loose rock, so vehicles will need some ground clearance to get up it. Otherwise, it would be possible to park on the street at the base of the trail and walk up, probably over a couple hours.

The top is flat and there is some sort of structure there, or at least the foundation of a structure, which I thought might be ancient. I had no problem putting up my BuddiPole and working 40 contacts, although there was heavy intermittent interference from a pulsing signal on 15 to 20m. I had line of sight to a large radar installation on the Troodos mountains, so I suspect that is the source of the signal. It is not always present, though, and I managed to work around it.

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