Completed Station Clock

IMG_20160612_174359In an earlier post, I described an arduino-based clock that I made for my amateur radio station. I had to interrupt work on it for a business trip, but got back a few days ago. I’m now far enough past jet lag to operate heavy machinery, so I finished mounting the board on an aluminum faceplate and installed it in the station.

I spent a couple hours on the radio this afternoon on a few bands and didn’t hear any birdies. In principle, the DC-DC converter, real time clock, and microprocessor could all have been sources, but they are such a low level that shielding of station equipment was adequate.


I cut the 14 x 17 cm plate from a piece of 1.2mm aluminum sheeting that must be 1 x 2 meters, so I have a lot left over. The sheeting is thick enough to make enclosures for small items, so I think that some better metal working tools may be on my list for the next year.

IMG_20160612_163614 IMG_20160520_162557


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