Review – Electric word, “life”

Some of the entries in this IFComp are novel size, but this one is the ideal length for a short story. In a few screenfuls of text, the author lays out the scene, gives some insight into key characters through short vignettes, and pulls off the plot twist gracefully.

This is a ghost story of the first order: not grisly, not vengeful, but presented as a sincere recollection surrounded by mixed feelings — and never told until this day!

As a factual recounting, there is not much choice in this story, which somewhat limits its game aspect. The outcome is the outcome and most of the hyperlinks expand descriptions, drill down on short scenes that flesh out the character and setting or advance the fairly linear story.

I thought the story element was strong enough that I did not mind the linearity and in fact, appreciated how streamlined and well edited this story was. I am intentionally playing a random shuffle and it is a relief to come across a shorter work as a change of pace.

This was a strong first work, and I hope we’ll see this author again, if not in IFComp, perhaps Ectocomp?

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