SOTA W4V/SH-009: North Marshall

North Marshall was the second peak of the day, wedged between Compton Peak and Hogback Mountain. The Appalachian Trail rises right from the parking area (38.775104N, 78.210851W) and it’s about a 900m walk in from there with 80m rise — a pleasant walk up a nicely maintained trail.

The parking lot at left accommodates perhaps ten cars.

Towards the peak, there are a lot of cliffs to stand on and get dramatic photographs that include the Shenandoah Valley and neighboring mountains, but the trail continues a bit further to the official peak, which is a plateau of relatively scraggly trees. Some of them exceed 10m tall, so good enough to support antennas.

Lara, carrier of the lead acid battery, surveys the valley.

Like Compton Peak, RF background was low at the peak. If you anticipate working VHF, you’ll probably want to stop short of the peak and work from the part of the trail that rims the plateau and has unobstructed line of sight over the valley.

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