SOTA W4V/SH-005: The Pinnacle

The first half of the day was W4V/SH-013, Pass Mountain, which was followed by a short drive to the south for this peak. I parked at Jewell Hollow Overlook.

The map shows the Appalachian Trail running just north of this parking area, but from the car it is not possible to see the AT because it is below the horizon. A small trail at one end of the parking lot connects to the AT and it’s then a matter of just following it northward a bit over a kilometer and up about 100m to the peak — not bad for an 8-point peak.

The trail slopes up gently but constantly and at one point it transitions from a mostly dirt trail to a mostly gravel and rocky trail, leveling out near the peak. There are plenty of trees at the peak to hoist a wire antenna.

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