SOTA W4V/SH-002: Stony Man

I saved two ten-point peaks for a drizzly weekday, hoping that would cut down on the number of visitors I’d run into, but even on an off day, Stony Man and Hawksbill, two of the highest peaks in Shenandoah National Park, were busy.

I started with Stony Man, which can be approached either from the north departing from Little Stony Man parking or from the south departing from the parking lot where Skyland Upper Loop road branches off of Skyline Drive.

I chose the souther approach, which involves a walk of about a kilometer with 100m elevation gain. The AT trail from the parking lot is wide and well maintained; it crosses a horse trail at a couple points. At the top, the sign for the summit is actually a little past the physical summit, which is a rock outcropping. I found some trees to the side of the path near this outcropping that worked as a support for the end-fed antenna.

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