SOTA W3/SV-041: Pigeon Hills North

After Fairview Mountain and Emmaville Mountain North, we continued roughly along Interstate 70 towards Pigeon Hills North. This area is a mixture of private houses and farms, and from various postings, I got the sense that the folks here value their privacy and aren’t all that warm when it comes to visitors.

I parked on the edge of Roose Road (40.068418 N, 78.570653 W), and set up the Chameleon P-loop antenna, figuring that I would do my best to avoid messing around with anyone’s trees. The intent was four and out.

My initial impressions were confirmed when a pick-up truck slowed and asked me if I had permission of the landowner to be where I was, and, secondarily, what was I doing?

I answered that I was testing some radio equipment and would move further down the road in a couple minutes. As for permission, I asked if she were the land owner (no), and explained that I was set up on the edge of the road that would be considered a public right of way under common law. I pointed out that just as the power lines run along the road, this area would be considered part of the road, and since my car and equipment were temporary rather than fixed installations, property right concerns would not apply. I did say that I’d be happy to talk with the owner if she knew him, but figured he’d rather not be disturbed considering that I’d be gone in five minutes.

I am not a lawyer and have no idea if any of the above is correct, by the way, but the neighbor seemed satisfied that whatever I was doing, I was probably not working for a three-letter agency, and that I’d be gone soon.

I did get my four contacts for a valid SOTA activation and then appreciated the fast fold-away of the loop antenna. As I said, I don’t think this peak is worth the bother. There is no view to speak of and I think the local residents would be happier left to themselves.

I had hoped to continue onward to Central City North (SOTA W3/SV-002), but was running out of both daylight and passenger patience with my summit obsession, and decided that continuing on the Pittsburgh would make more sense.

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