SOTA W3/SV-019: Emmaville Mtn North

Continuing with activations on the way out to Indiana from Washington, DC, the next stop was Emmaville Mountain North, SOTA W3/SV019. The peak is on public property that can be accessed by following Bark Road. When I exited Interstate 70, my phone’s GPS initially wanted me to take Bark Road southwards and wrap all the way around. That didn’t make sense, since going the other way was shorter, so I ignored my cell phone GPS and went up the shortest way.

The bottom of Bark Road is behind a hotel and restaurant. It is a dusty gravel road, but well maintained. On the way up, you will pass a few private properties that make it clear that visitors are not welcome, but eventually you will enter state hunting lands, so it is probably a good idea to do this particular activation off-season (violating the ham radio maxim of getting as much metal in the air as possible, but following the common sense principle of not getting shot). There are a few formal parking spaces along the way, and a large flat field at the summit itself.

I didn’t feel like wading into brush with my coke-bottle-on-a-string, so I set up the Chameleon P-loop antenna and tuned around, ending up with ten contacts. One car drove by and waved, but otherwise we didn’t see anyone. Cell phone coverage at the summit (T-mobile) was good.

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