SOTA: W2/NJ-011: Pimple Hill

A paved driveway descends to Triple Crown Road.
Looking down the driveway from the tower.

This summit is surrounded by private homes, and I had to circle around it a couple times before I found what I was looking for: a small service road that leads between houses up to a blue water tower and neighboring outbuilding. The road and tower are obvious on aerial photos, but the road could be mistaken for a driveway from along Triple Crown Drive, as even the tower is not visible from that road.

The tower itself is surrounded by a fence and off limits, as a friendly sign warns. I wish the photo were clearer, because I’m curious what federal regulation they are citing here. I can make out Title 42, and it looks like three thousand something. *As an employee of Department of Health and Human Services, this section is somewhat familiar as it deals with public health. Curious.

Red and white sign that reads: warning! Tampering this facility is a federal offense. US Code Title 42, Section 3*** (the section is blurry). Below that, it says to report suspicious activity to... but does not provide contact information

Anyhow, it is possible to pull to the side of the paved area (41.073073N, 74.626598W) to avoid blocking the tower gate. Given the residential nature of the area and not seeing anyone parked along the street, I thought this was more discrete. To make this a valid activation, it is then necessary to walk down to the road and back up.

A blue water tower with a couple microwave dishes at the top, surrounded by a fence.
Blue tower atop Pimple Hill.
The other outbuilding on the hill, just above where I activated.

I had the Chameleon P-Loop antenna with me, and set it up on a tripod. I didn’t get a lot of contacts, but I did take advantage of the frequency agility of the antenna to get a few on each band: 40, 30, 20, 17, and 15 meters — a first for contacts on 15m and 17m from this site.

This site is a short drive from some other SOTA peaks, particularly Pochuck and Hamburg Mountain, but Pochuck is on private property and Hamburg looks like it would require a bushwhack, so I deferred both on this trip and headed for Bald Hill, W2/NJ-006, which is the subject of the next blog entry.

* This blog has absolutely nothing to do with my employer. That should make their lawyers happy.

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