SOTA: Table Mountain (W6/NC-265)

Nope, not the way to go. I backed out and continued up the main road to the winery.

The fourth mountain on my tour of easily accessible peaks just south of San Francisco took me to a vineyard parking lot in Saratoga. The trail towards the peak departs from the topmost parking lot at 37.259823,-122.066786. This activation was a little rushed because the winery gate closes at 5 pm and not 7 pm, as had been previously reported. Perhaps during summer they remain open later. I followed directions from Google to the parking lot and had to turn around at one point where the directions took me up a private driveway.

It took almost an hour for me to get from Ben Lommond to the parking lot, so I had about two hours to get this one done, including the mile hike to the activation site.

The upper-most parking area is gravel. The trail begins to the left, just after the cattle grating.

I hauled the loop antenna up to the peak so I could try previously unworked bands including 15m and 40m. I had a few contacts on each band and headed back to the car, intent on making the final site, El Sereno (SOTA W6/NC-191) before dark.

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