SOTA: Montana de Taco (EA8/TF-017)

I didn’t make it up this mountain, but I’m posting about it to let people know why it has never been activated.

In laying out the itinerary for this vacation, I considered that I’d have one day for SOTA. Consequently, I looked at what I thought would be peaks that could be rapidly activated: one cluster in the northeast (TF-008, TF-011, and TF-013) and the other towards northwest (TF-007 and TF-017). I did not consider some of the larger peaks due to time and, in the case of El Teide, the need for reservations long in advance of travel.

I opted for the western peaks firstly because I felt that I had spent enough time near the more populous area around Santa Cruz de Tenerife and its peripheral towns, and wanted something more remote, but also because Montana de Taco has zero activations. I wasn’t sure why this was the case — there was no documentation in the summit database, so I thought that perhaps it had just been added recently. It is only one point, so maybe it was missed in an earlier survey. From aerial photos, it looks like it might be a reservoir, so I thought the area might also be cordoned off from public access, but still thought it worth a look.

Getting there was not difficult, roads are good, but there is a locked gate across the road leading to the peak and a sign that the site is restricted to people who have some business there. I’m not sure what kind of site it is, but there was construction just to the right of the sign. Beyond the sign, the road continues up and to the left, and winds up the hill. I could see the peak, but couldn’t get up there.

There it is… just can’t get there.

This doesn’t take the peak entirely out of contention, but it would mean that anyone who wants to activate Tenerife’s last unactivated peak would have to figure out who owns it and see if they can obtain permission in advance.

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