SOTA: G/SC-008 (Win Green)

Engraving on the summit marker.

Since my office is based in Sussex, I’ve been focusing on G/SE, so this was my first foray into the south-central area. Win Green has been described as a very popular site, and that was the definitely true on the day I went there. The whole hill top is surrounded by fences, so a really excellent place for dogs to have a chance to run around.

Parking is no problem – typing “Win Green Visitor’s Car Park” into satnav should get you there, or for those who want their coordinates old school: 50.983630N, 2.110948W.

There is a gate after the car park and then a path leads up the slight hill towards the stand of trees at the top.

The trig point is on the path, but there was a lot more foot traffic around it, so I just continued to the far side of the trees.

I did see a stone bench to one side of the copse that another activator had mentioned, That would be a nice operating position, but I chose a spot on the other side of the trees so I could stay warmer in morning sunshine. Once again, I tossed the end-fed antenna into a tree, no additional supports needed.

Keeping an eye on the time and still wanting to activate Dundry Down (G/SC-010) the same day, I only worked 20m CW and was then back on the road.

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