SOTA: FL/SO-008 (Île)

I activated this peak on the same day as FL/SO-006 (see that report); from there, this peak was about a half hour drive. I noted one item of interest on the map when planning this activation: the summit (red marker) it is just around the corner from a French military installation (most southern marker) that is bristling with large satellite dishes and surrounded by high, serious-looking fences with lots of warning signs. My suggestion is to steer clear of that facility while walking around with a backpack full of radio gear.

This isn’t too hard, though. The summit is along a dirt path to the north of the highway and there is a convenient place to pull a car over; in the picture above, it is covered by the yellow D46E3 marker just to the south of the summit. That parking space is far enough back from the bend in the road that the car does not have line of sight to the facility.

A view from near the dirt path back towards where I parked. The facility is around the corner to the right.

The dirt road towards the summit is very short and there is a water tower at the top and beyond that, a farm field.

The bottom of the dirt path.

The day of my activation, a tractor was at work plowing the field, so I stayed on the wooded path and tossed my end-fed antenna into a tree. The little path is not all that scenic, so I just activated on 20m CW and was on my way.

The water tower at the top of the dirt path and a bit of the farm field, to the right. This is just above where I set up my antenna.

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