SOTA 5B/CY-042

Poor 5B/CY-042, it has no name, just its SOTA designation. However, that’s kind of fitting since it really isn’t much of a “mountain” — it is more somebody’s backyard, adjacent to a water tower. It is the very definition of a drive-up site, though, so if you’re out towards the eastern side of Cyprus, perhaps enjoying the beaches along the coast near Paphos, and want to shoehorn in a quick activation, it might be just the place.

After following various winding roads up, up, up from the coast, I drove down a residential street wondering if I would literally be activating in someone’s garden. It’s not quite that bad — the site is just beyond the last house and there is an out of the way sandy lot next to the water tower, where you can park a car. Between the tower and the adjacent farm, there is an empty field, so that is where I pitched the BuddiPole.

The BuddiPole was erected right at the center of this photo.

There are a few structures nearby in addition to the water tower. At least of them is probably a water pump or processing facility; I’m not sure what the other one is. In any event, neither put out any significant RFI.

Not sure of the purpose of this building. It had strange, reddish goo leaking out the back. That’s probably not a good sign.

In late December, the temperature was about 7C, but felt colder due to the significant breeze blowing in from the sea. Yes, I know that activating a low hill in the Mediterranean does not compare with ice-picking your way to the top of a 14-er, but it was still chilly. The BuddiPole did not cooperate initially, and I found it difficult to tune up to 20m.

Looking roughly eastward, the Mediterranean is on the horizon.

I had anticipated working 20, 30, and 40m, but the drive out and set up took more time than anticipated. My plan was to activate a second peak on the same day (to make the drive to the eastern side of the island more worth the effort), so I cut the activation short after 20m and got back on the road.

There were a few neighboring houses, and as I fiddled with the BuddiPole, I could feel their eyes on me. Another reason I didn’t stick around too long.

There isn’t too much more to say about this one. Here’s a panorama for the sake of completeness:

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