SOTA 5B/CY-018, Moutti tous Fitillous

The summit.

This one was a bit more off the beaten track than I had expected. Looking at the site from aerial photos, it appears that a road wraps around the summit, however, a look at a topological map makes it clear that between the road and the summit the climb is almost vertical.

The path leading to this site was only about a 20 minute drive from 5B/CY-009, which I had activated earlier in the day. I have highlighted in red a dirt road that branches off from E740 and bends around towards the site.

When I pulled off E740, however, I immediately saw that there was a “do not enter” sign on the dirt road.

I’m not sure why there is a do-not-enter sign here; perhaps it is a one way road and this is the exit? The road itself was nicely maintained albeit dirt.

There is still plenty of room for a car to park on the side of the road, so I picked up my gear and started up the dirt road on foot. I got to the point marked “x” and kept going, following the road around eastwards and finally southward. The further I got, the more the road dipped down and the higher the wall of rock to my right, however. After a while I realized that the road would not be any help at all and returned to point “x”.

The view towards the “x” from the dirt road. There is kind of a trail if you squint.

There is a not-quite-path at point “x” (35.08569, 32.63288) , which leads into an mostly open field that pitches up gently. I started walked south and upwards to a ridge and then southward. I continued walking along roughly parallel to E740 on a hillside trail towards a saddle point (“y”, 35.084820, 32.633310).

Most of the way to the summit involves walking parallel to route E740 along a mostly flat ridge covered in scrub.

From there, there is a relatively steep climb (“z”35.082700, 32.634330) up towards a ridge (“zz”, 35.082130, 32.635570) that runs to the summit.

This bit got a little steep.

There is no real trail and from absence of litter, I have the impression that not many people make it to this summit.

The final walk along the ridge to the summit.

There is no trig point at the summit, just a somewhat flat area, which would be good for setting up a mast. The trees up there are not very tall, but proved adequate to support my end-fed halfwave antenna. Here’s a panorama from the peak.

In the first photo, above, you might make out a bit of snow on the mountain in the distance. On the way back home, I did stop briefly at the side of the road to make my first Cypriot snowball.

Some snow off to the side of the road in case anyone doesn’t believe that Cyprus has snow.

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