SOTA 5B/CY-005, Moutti tis Tremethousaras

This is a ten point peak towards the northwest corner of the island. There is a road that goes right to the peak, but vehicles are not permitted up the road, which is maintained by the Forestry Department. I believe the road is also part of the national hiking trail network, as I saw an “E6” sign post along the way. The base of the road is at the yellow arrow, just off route E740. There is plenty of room to park on the side of the road there near signs that provide some nature information. A pivoting green metal bar blocks the bottom of the road, but you can walk around it. The trail up is a well-maintained packed dirt road and rises about 240m over a distance of about 2.6km. It is somewhat steep in a couple places, but also has long runs with very mild slope.

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