Review: a partial list of things for which i am grateful

This short work is implemented in twine and is more something that you play with than play. There is no narrative thread. Unless I am missing something, this really is a list (partial) of things about which the author is grateful.

In terms of mechanism, this is a one trick pony, but it’s a good trick: every letter in every word can be clicked and links to a list item that starts with that letter. I don’t think this is meant to amuse readers for hours on end, but as a short piece, I enjoyed clicking around for a while.


Story: 2. There is no story, but there is a consistent theme and a fun mechanics.

Voice: 6 Seeing the author’s choices about what to include for each letter at least provides some insight into the author, or at least the author’s persona for this work.

Play: 5. Nothing but clicking, but also no complaints about the flow.

Polish: 6. It seems well edited, but the volume of material is relatively low.

Technical: 5. It is all done well, but a light lift in technical terms.

JNSQ: 0.

Preliminary Score: 4.8

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