Review – Nyna Lives

The story opens in a familiar setting: a witch and her cat.

This is a short twine story premised on the commonly accepted wisdom that cats have nine lives. In this story, Nyna the cat is sent on a mission and must make a few choices along the way. In contrast to many twine games full of non consequential choices, almost all of them in this story are life and death decisions. Luckily, as we are playing a cat, there are lives to spare. Every the player chooses poorly, the story rewinds up to the fateful decision and Nyna has an opportunity to take another path.

[Some spoilers follow beyond this point]

The story mentions that the witch is a bit sad about having lost so many cats in the past, so I wonder if Nyna is really a single cat with multiple lives, or if the witch just names all of her cats Nyna and the story is a series of successive cats.

Another witch, Cyril, tries to undermine Nyna’s efforts and clearly has a score to settle with Nyna’s master, but we never get the full backstory; perhaps there will be a sequel involving lives number 10 through 18.


Story: 7. Short, entertaining, with some creative elements.

Voice: 6

Play: 8

Polish: 8

Technical: 6


Preliminary Score: 7

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