Review – Mikayla’s Phone

This story is, as the blurb advertises, depressing. But more to the point, it’s not engaging. The premise is that you’ve somehow gotten a hold of a phone of a recently deceased young girl and receive a text from one of her contacts that the owner of the phone would want you to go through the phone and see what happened.

If this were a murder mystery plot and I were a forensic detective, sure that could be a good gimmick, but barring that, if I found a phone and received that weird message, I would most likely turn it into the police to avoid disturbing any of the data on the phone. Objectively, I don’t even know for certain that the owner is dead. Best to rid myself of the device.

I suppose that some folks might have a morbid curiosity that leads them to poke around on the phone, but even so, I think few people will have the patience to wade methodically through the plethora of notes, meandering voice messages, and wads of morose poetry.

While the content of this story did nothing for me, I do appreciate the wrapper: a cell phone simulation that included a lock screen and various apps that alternately take the foreground. There are even toaster-like notifications that pop-up while other apps are in use. I did find some of the fonts small with default browser settings and message app was a little buggy (displaying messages yet to be sent by the other party as buttons), but it’s a clever bit of twine manipulation.

Story: 2

Voice: 3

Play: 6

Polish: 8

Technology: 8


Preliminary Score: 5.4

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