Review – The Dragon Will Tell You Your Future Now

The blurb describes this as an about 15 minute game, and that’s about what I found. It is presented in a fairly vanilla format for a twine story. I think this might be the first story I’ve encountered that combined magical realism with single room escape.

[Some spoilers follow beyond this point]

The plot: As it says on the tin, you have a midnight appointment with a dragon, who will read your future. The game starts, and so far as I was able to discern, ends, in the waiting room just outside the dragon’s office.

An owl is in charge of the waiting room and you can interact with him or look around until it’s time to go in. There are no stacks of expired magazines to browse. Sorry. Let me write that more broadly for the blog audience: apparently, you did not bring your phone, so there is nothing to do but look around. Since one of the points of the game is to explore the office, I won’t describe it here.

Eventually, it’s time to go into the dragon’s office, and it’s up to you to figure out how. I clicked around for quite a while and wasn’t able to figure it out, but that’s not to say it can’t be done.

I have only minor suggestions for improvement on this piece: First, some space between paragraphs would improve the visual presentation. If not that, at least indent the first line of paragraphs to set them apart. Second, I hit one screen of text where there was no hyperlink. I had to use the undo icon, which is a practical solution, but seemed to break convention.


Story: 3. What’s there is good and no problems with the writing; there just isn’t much of it.

Voice: 4

Play: 5

Polish: 8

Technical: 5


Preliminary Score: 5

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