Review – Queer In Public: A Brief Essay

This work is titled an essay, but I think discussion might be more accurate. In a formal essay, I would expect a thesis followed by arguments that support the thesis. This work does not suggest that there is a one-size fits all conclusion that is supported by objective evidence, but lays out a personal account, mostly in chronological order, of how the author came to her current views of herself, her religion, and the intersection between the two. It is largely autobiographical and involves some soul searching, but frames the progression against what was going on in broader society at the time. In addition to being an opinion piece, the author has provided links to definitions for those not familiar with the subject matter as well as links to websites, videos, and other resources that provide additional information.

The rubric that I’ve been using to evaluate games and fictional stories is not well-suited to nonfiction, but I’ll give it a try:


Story: 6

Voice: 6

Play: 5

Polish: 9

Technical: 5


Preliminary Score: 6.2


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