IF Comp 2012 – The Lift

The story is a shallow CYOA in which player choices are not well informed, and more often than not lead to death. On a zarfian cruelty scale, I’d rate it “don’t bother.” I’m not sure if that’s cruelty on my part as a reviewer, or the game’s part.

Spoilers below the cut

 Boy, the first screenful of text reads like the start of a Steve Jackson Paranoia Game — you don’t know where you are, you are vaguely fearful, and there’s a weapons room ahead. So far, very promising. In the next room, there are four weapons. Unfortunately, this game is not about dealing with insane supercomputers, fantastic weapons and doomed clones.

As the game plays out, it seems that each weapon is appropriate to fight one of the monsters occupying each level of the four levels of your building. The end. Oh, not quite. There’s a room in which you can while away an hour with gratuitous porn before you (most likely) die. There: now, the end.

Story: 2

This gets a story rating equivalent to correctly filling out the dots for your name on the SAT.

Voice: 1

I did not detect any personality on the part of the protagonist. The prose is telegraphic, so I didn’t get much of the author’s voice either.

Play: 2

The game is over in three clicks.

Polish: 2

Some spelling errors, its/it’s sort of issues, etc. Given the length of the text in this work, these errors are hard to forgive. What polish the story has likely derives from the default implementation of the game engine.

Technical: 2

The game does not implement some of the features I’ve seen in other Twee-based works, such as an about/credit menu or customized layout. At least nothing in the work breaks the hyperlinks or javascript.

Average: 1.8

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