IF Comp 2012 – On Grading

Just a note to point out that my scoring rubric isn’t perfect; I’m aware of that. It’s just a way for me to get my head around features that I don’t want to forget when jotting down impressions about each work. The average scores I report for each are not the scores that I’ll be submitting to IF Comp. I’ll have another pass at the scores a couple weeks from now, after I’ve played all the games. I can see from the first pass that scores are clustering too much, so I’ll have to do something to normalize the scores and achieve better separation, particularly at the high end. Coming back to scoring a couple weeks later makes it easier to pick out the outstanding works. By then, the lesser works will have been forgotten, but there are always a few that have staying power. Sometimes it isn’t obvious which ones will continue to percolate in my brain after I’ve played them, but if they persist, I know they must have had an impact on me consciously or at least subliminally.

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