IF Comp 2012 – Last Minute

Here’s a piece that intentionally downplays the work that must have gone into it. This is also a Twee/Twiddly game, and maybe I’m getting to the point that I can stop mentioning that. This platform works so nicely that I stop noticing the mechanics of the browser and can focus on the game.

Spoiler warning

This story gets some mileage out of the classic “apartment” game, an IF trope which usually represents a first effort, where the author casts around familiar surroundings and typically produces a prosaic game, full of every day objects, and with plot a secondary consideration. Apartment games are usually more about teaching the author how to work in an authoring system than to produce a polished work. I don’t have the impression that this is the case here, however. This game has been crafted with enough care to look haphazard, but still flow smoothly and cohesively.

The environmentally-inspired IF-within-IF has a quirky charm, but works as a mini-game, and does have a number of outcomes, which are influenced by prior choices.

Story: 7

This is an entertaining story, particularly for those who have been steeped in the world of IF and will recognize the winking and nudging just under the surface of this story. Like many of the web-based games, it is of limited scope and duration.

Voice: 8

The author’s frantic, humorous voice comes through loud and clear, for example, when backing out of an untenable situation with an “Undo! Undo! Undo!”, a sentiment that all of us have experienced.

Play: 8

Fast paced, smooth and entertaining.

Polish: 7

No complaints on the polish front: well-written and edited. I’m getting spoiled by the quality of the submissions I’ve played through, so far.

Technical: 7

The story worked well, with no technical flaws. Again, I’m having difficulty assigning technical points because the denominator is so different between classical-parser based IF and platforms like Twee.

Average: 7.4

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