Review – Hexteria Skaxis Qiameth

Truth be told, I considered writing a dense, opaque review about how erudite and insightful this piece was, and how it leapfrogs over earlier works in ludic philology. My plan was then to hunker down for a few days and hope someone would add a comment that would shed the slightest light on what this work is actually about.

This is a twine… something. It had more the feel of a toy than a story, unless I’m missing something significant.

I did learn a word: logomachy, so I’ll be sure to slip that into dinner party banter.


Story: 1

Voice: 4

Play: 2? To what end?

Polish: 9. I can’t very well claim there are spelling errors for most of this, can I?

Technology: 6


Preliminary Score: 4.4


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