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A qsl card to ai4sv from n7mzw confirming a sideband contactI’ve never been overly concerned about collecting QSL cards, but it has bothered me for some time that I had not completed the basic WAS on LOTW because I lacked WV, DE, and WY. Both DE and WV are pretty close in, and I usually skip over them with my vertical antenna. All of these states have relatively small ham populations as well, and it seems like the ones that are there are not really into electronic QSLs. I’ve made more than a few contacts with each of these states, but had no electronic acknowledgement.

Last week, I went through my collection of physical QSL cards and dug up one from WV, but didn’t see any from DE or WY. I decided that while it would be nice to have them all in one place on LOTW, maybe it was time to do things the old fashioned way — so, I searched my log for those two states and shot off real QSL cards. Delaware came almost immediately, and yesterday, one finally came from Wyoming. Thanks N7MZW!

I still have to get these cards officially recognized through some arcane process that I think happens at hamfests, but in my mind, I’ve checked the WAS box.

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