Review: A common enemy

As mentioned in my preview post, I had guessed that this work was written in something other than English, and it’s clear from some holdover ¡punctuation! that this must have been either written in Spanish and then translated or at least written in a word processor with Spanish language settings. Regardless, the prose makes sense … Continue reading “Review: A common enemy”

IFcomp 2017: Extended taxonomy

This year’s crop of games is large enough to be divided up into any number of categories by subject, e.g., RPGs, sci-fi, murder mysteries, or structurally, e.g., parser-based, limited-parser, hypertext, CYOA, etc. I’d like to propose a number of new and entirely arbitrary categories based on this year’s submissions. Please let me know in comments … Continue reading “IFcomp 2017: Extended taxonomy”

IFcomp 2017: Preliminary Scores

I just posted my 79th review for this IFcomp, which means that I’ve now commented on every entry. I tried to get through them quickly to provide feedback early enough in the competition to be useful to both authors and players. I’ve sorted every game according to my scoring rubric, which may or may not … Continue reading “IFcomp 2017: Preliminary Scores”

IFcomp: Halfway There

I have now played through and posted reviews for thirty-nine games in this year’s IFcomp. I understand that NOIR was withdrawn due to an issue with pre-comp release, so I am roughly halfway through this year’s official offering. I think that’s enough to get a snapshot of where games are falling in terms of my … Continue reading “IFcomp: Halfway There”

IFcomp 2017: First Impressions

I haven’t done online reviews for IFcomp since 2013, but this year I will give it a try. Let me start with first impressions of the 2017 IFcomp entries based on nothing beyond the list provided on the contest website. For each entry, this list provides a cover image, blurb, content warnings, and a download … Continue reading “IFcomp 2017: First Impressions”